Label Of The Week – Livity Sound

Bristol has long been a hotbed for dance music, and most would agree that it is second only to London in terms of the UK scene. As a city it holds a reputation for cutting edge sounds, forever pushing the boundaries and changing conceptions. Livity Sound is one label that has continued these deep rooted traditions. Headed up by one of Bristol’s finest sons, Peverelist, it has emerged as a key player in the new breed of techno influenced bass music that has become ever more prevalent in recent years.

Livity Sound’s first 12” came in the form of 2011’s “Beneath Radar” by Pev himself alongside Kowton. The sonic basis for the label is eminently clear from this release, with dark textures, experimental percussive elements and complex rhythms present throughout. It is an offering that combines elements of dubstep and techno with supreme skill, and is truly one for the heads.

Over the following years Livity continued to release music along the same vein. Frequently putting out music from the aforementioned Pev and Kowton (both individually as well as collaboratively) as well as contributions from Asusu and Hodge.

2016 saw Livity’s first foray into album territory with Kowton’s Utility, as well as the stunning release from Asusu, Hallucinator/Sendak. The B side (Sendak) is a true club stomper, driving, deep kicks pulsate throughout whilst a buzzing, waspish lead line slowly develops and grows. It is a track that truly drives you to dance, and has been a stalwart in our sets ever since the wax has been in our hands. The final output of the year came from a new artist to the label, Simo Cell, and is a worthy contribution to the catalogue.

Now, we can’t talk about Livity Sound without mentioning the sister label, Dnous Ytivil (yes, it’s backwards). Since 2012 they have released stunners from the likes of Alex Coulton, Batu, Bruce, Randomer and Hodge amongst others. Focusing on a heavier, potentially even more experimental sound it has cemented itself as a truly forward thinking venture that appears to revel in it’s own weirdness. Even the catalogue numbers are backwards, starting from 999YTIVIL and going backwards in intervals of 100. Via Maris provides the upcoming release, with some killer sound design and an overwhelming feeling of darkness running through the entirety of Swarm/Tempora.

If you don’t already, keep an eye on the Livity crew, you can catch Peverelist and Kowton representing the label on the 24th of February at London’s Phonox, ticket’s are still a bargain at £6 from RA. Click here for tickets.



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