Label Of The Week – Wisdom Teeth


For many, the term ‘Wisdom Teeth’ might be a chilling reminder of a more painful time in late adolescence, sat at home on a Saturday night, nursing the dull ache resonating from the rear-mouth with a frozen bag of peas (or, depending on preferance, perhaps a double whiskey).

But the boys behind wisdom teeth haven’t created an annoyance that you wished you would have got rid of sooner – but a label moving from strength to strength, building experience with it’s releases, gaining momentum and becoming wiser.

Founded in 2014 by Bristol/Leeds artists Facta and K-Lone, Wisdom Teeth began with a focus on inctricate, bass heavy, and percussively complex productions. The label has featured releases from the likes of Hodge, Acre and Wen – who’s split record with Facta made up the label’s initial release. Late Night, is a tune that encompasses the best elements of garage, dubstep and minimal techno, with a punching sub base that heavily contrasts the light flute melody that resonates through the opening 32 bars.

The tune uses sparse vocal samples to great effect, and with heavily syncopated production and a deep melodic bassline, Wen’s work treads carefully between subtle development and complex arrangement.

Facta’s Poliwhirl on the B-side begins with rolling percussion, as an ethereal synthesizer line gradually builds in volume – before a heavy, staccato bass line cuts through the mix to provide a danceable quality to the tune. Syncopated hi-hat beats and a focus on organic percussion sounds aid the depth of the production, and the record as a whole sets the tone for subsequent releases.

2015 saw the promotion and release of Hodge and Acre’s ‘X/Don’t Get Me Started’ as well as Étch and K-Lone’s ‘Toxin/Broke’.

As well as promoting various label nights throughout 2016, notably taking over Leeds’ very own Wire basement, it marked the release of WSDM004 – drafting in Alex Coulton, Chevel and Simo Cell for an EP packed with punching percussion, moments of experimental psychadelia (notably during the 5 minute version of Tailwind) and the rhythmically interesting ‘Radiance’ which is a stand-out track, featuring slick production and excellently thought out arrangement.

So what does 2017 hold for the Wisdom Teeth boys? Well, a collaborative project under the title Ón The Line Vol. 1’ arrives early March, featuring work from Don’t DJ and Wisdom Teeth favourite Simo Cell – with founder Facta on the flipside.

Described as including élements such as ‘transformation and abstraction’ – it’s probably best to miss your dentist appointment, neck an ibuprofen and get through the ache, because this particular record won’t be worth missing.




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