In The Shade: In:Most

The term “Drum & Bass” covers a wide spectrum. One promising young duo, In:Most, have set up camp in one corner of the spectrum and proceeded to spark a fire. Josh Croft from Cambridge, UK and Bailey Greer of Brisbane, Australia have recently released two extraordinarily well received EPs within the space of just one month at the beginning of this year.

The Pictures In My Mind EP released on February 20th this year on Goldfat records features tracks such as Took Me By with crystal clear percussion, a warm underlying bassline, a Marvin Gaye vocal sample and a reassuring, floaty chord sequence. The 13th of March saw the release of 3-track strong Changes EP on Soulvent Records. Staying true to the exceptional deliverance of atmospheric liquid D&B on the previous EP were tracks like I Know which portrays a somewhat ominous bassline, rattling hats and some really interesting use of stereo. Changes also features an exciting VIP of another In:Most release on Soulvent: I Can’t Do.

I got a chance to ask this promising pair some questions:

First of all, tell me about where it started for each of you. How did you get into music and how has your taste developed?

B: I heard Drum & Bass for the first time in 2008 on a local radio station. I was absolutely blown away by how fast and energetic the music was – definitely a cut above the rest of what I had been listening to at the time. After that, I’d been listening to all the Pendulum albums on repeat and found artists like Fred V & Grafix which made me think “Right, I’m going to have a go at this!”

J: For me it was Secret Agent by Netsky that got me hooked on Drum & Bass. After listening to loads of his older works and others from Hospital Records, I just fell in love with the genre for the energy it gives and how diverse it can be. As far as tastes changing, it’s more about being able to appreciate good song-writing & production in a track – whereas before I would never had been able to pick out those things. I’ve just been blown away by the whole experience.

In terms of production, who would you say has the biggest influence on the sound you present in the latest EP, Changes/I Know?

J: I actually feel that Changes/I Know was truly a fifty-fifty split in terms of the different sounds we bring to the table. The Pictures In My Mind EP definitely had more of Bailey’s influence overall.

B: I agree with Josh that Changes/I Know was more of an equal distribution in our work and I think that best reflects the In:Most sound.

Geographically, you guys could not be further from each other. What inspired the formation of this collaborative outfit?

B: I’d been writing back and forth with Josh since 2012 on our own little projects and when I wanted to start In:Most, I felt there was something missing and it was his input on the tunes that I needed. So I asked him to come on board – the missing piece of the In:Most puzzle.

And do you encounter any difficulties working from different studios?

J: Sometimes. As with any creative collaboration, you’re bound to disagree on some creative decisions but it’s all about compromise. You kind of get used to how the other person works and you just bounce ideas back & forth. As far as the technical side of things go, we just work on projects in a dropbox, which is fine.

Let’s talk about liquid Drum & Bass pioneer, Logistics and your collaboration with him, Sheung Wan. How did that come about?

J: So I ended up meeting Matt [Logistics] over a bar I work at in Cambridge. After showing him some of our music, he asked if I wanted to write a track together – which was very surreal! Because he’s also based in Cambridge it was really easy to meet up at the studio.

What’s it like to have your music released on Hospital Records and hearing your work on prestigious platforms such as BBC Radio 1?

J: Very, very surreal! It’s been a dream of both of ours to release music on the label that got us into D&B in the first place, and then to get airplay on Radio 1 is even more nuts… I still have to pinch myself occasionally.

So, Aside from these exciting collaborations and releases, what do we have to look forward to from In:Most?

B: We’re currently writing a lot of new material – we would love to get another EP out by the end of the year. Aside from that, we’re possibly featuring on a couple of collabs & compilations with some well known labels – you’ll find out about that later on in the year, I’m sure. Otherwise, we’re just trying to play out as much as possible, plenty of guest mixes lined up too!

One of these guest mixes will be up on the Shades Soundcloud within the next week




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