Label Of The Week: Lonely Planets Rec.

The Amsterdam music scene has been constantly expanding in the Dutch capital over the past 10 years, with household names such as Rush Hour, Bordello A Parigi and Red Light pushing cutting edge dance music not just in the capital, but overseas as well. But it’s only when you delve deeper into the eclectic selection of smaller projects, that you find the hidden gems that really keep the torch burning and help keep Amsterdam cemented on the map.

One example of this is ‘Lonely Planets Records’, a label founded and ran by Mark Peeters and Kevin Kikkert, which has been making consistent marks in the scene since the imprint was conceived last year. Drawing on the best elements of the signature warped techno sound, Sinan Alakus’ release, entitled Do Me A Solid, clearly states what LPR is about – with Almost There on the A-side sliding into slow, atmospheric techno, glued together with smooth subbase and ambient synth pads. The release also has more upbeat, danceable moments, such as Are U OK?, with syncopated percussion providing the tune with uplifting elements whilst managing to stay grounded with use of a lo-fi synthesiser line.

Outside of the studio, it’s fair to say that LPR have been equally as busy, hosting nights in Nijmegen in collaboration with The Tribe, various self-hosted label events and sold out releases on the format of tape, over at Seven Eight Records. With the aim of ‘making interstellar medium travel less lonesome’, the Lonely Planet Records crew are truly creating something intergalactic, and with some cultivation and scheduled releases for later this year, the cosmonauts are definitely one to keep an eye on for the future.



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